THE perfect girlfriend has a high sex drive, loves eating and can get ready in under ten minutes, a survey revealed today.

On November 9th of 2010 a staff reporter from the United Kingdom Website, The Sun, posted an article titled “Men list ideal girlfriend’s traits”. Three thousand United Kingdom bachelors were interviewed for this survey. In this article the staff reporter discusses all the things men desire in their ideal girlfriend. The list includes being thin, having big breasts, loving to eat, having a high sex drive, being interested in sports, and being a woman who would rather be a stay at home mom than get a degree.

In my previous post I had a link that led to this article. After going back and re-reading the article I realized I wanted to do another post that discusses it. “Men list Ideal girlfriend’s traits” is just another example of the way the media portrays women. We see this all the time. Women are supposed to be “skinny and trim”, have “perky little boobs”, and a “pert bottom”. Yet, they are also supposed to be “comfortable wearing whatever”, not afraid to “go without makeup, and “enjoy eating big hearty meals”. Can you say contradictions? While the article does acknowledge that “many women might find these standards hard to live up to” they also claim that “six in ten men firmly believe their perfect girlfriend is out there somewhere.” So basically they acknowledge that this woman is not realistic, but you’re going to have to try… because that’s what men want.

Do you look like her?…Didn’t think so. She probably doesn’t even look like her after all the photo touch ups are done.

As a woman I know how traumatizing it is when you realize you don’t fit into the description of the “ideal” woman. Sure, I may be skinny. But because of the fact that I am skinny I don’t have big boobs or a big bottom. Many people think that weight is the only thing women worry about… but it is so much more than that. Every woman has something she doesn’t like about her body. Why? Maybe because we are told we should look one specific way. Which brings up the question which came first, man’s ideas about the perfect woman, or the Medias portrayal of her? Have there always be pre-conceived notions about the way women are supposed to look, or has the media influenced the way men view what is beautiful and what is not?

In my last post I asked the question of why women change their selves to be “perfect” for men. It’s because of statements like the ones made in this article. And it’s not just here we see it. It’s everywhere, every moment, of every day. Take, for example, dieting commercials. They acknowledge that bigger women do exist but they also stress that ultimately you’re size is not desirable…and you need to change… now. So how exactly can we not want to change ourselves? It is constantly thrown in our face that we are not

The Perfect Girlfriend

– Has a sweet tooth
– Has perky little boobs – more than a handful is a waste
– Has long hair
– Has a pert little bottom
– Loves wine
– Isn’t afraid to go without make up
– Is shorter than you
– Is really sporty
– Is skinny and trim
– Is a really good driver
– Is someone who is all about the family and children
– Enjoys a big hearty meal
– Enjoys watching football at the pub or on TV
– Knows her limits when it comes to booze
– Keeps on top of her weight
– Has a high sex drive
– Has a degree
– Employed
– Earns more than you
– Encourages nights out with the lads
– Jokes around and has a laugh
– Is comfortable wearing whatever
– Can get ready in ten minutes
– Enjoys home cooking
– Likes a lie in
– Is liked by your mates
– Likes your mates
– Good with money